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Our wealth management approach


Our approach is process driven and based on the following fundamentals:

1. Clients have different need

Each client has a unique set of estate and retirement planning requirements, investment objectives and personal aspirations. We pay careful attention to individual contexts and listen very attentively to our clients’ needs. It is each client's specific individual profile which determines how we develop personalised financial planning and risk-profiled investment solutions.

2. Quality of Advice

All investment advice is provided or endorsed at director level and is underpinned by our proven investment philosophy and rigorous investment process. If and when required, specialist advice (for example input on sophisticated estate planning structures or taxation) is sourced externally from our network of professional advisers as a value-add service to our clients.

3. Security of Assets

We recognize our fiduciary responsibility in safeguarding the security of client assets. Accordingly, the custodianship of our clients’ domestic and offshore investments is handled by third-party administrators. In South Africa, our principal administrators are major institutions where the investments are held "off balance sheet", while some of the largest and most reputable trust companies in the world are utilised offshore.

4. Value System

Our value set is based on fairness, integrity, quality and personalisation. These values are applied throughout the business and extend to our clients, support team and service providers alike. Client interests are always placed first, and this philosophy has benefited the business over the long-term. Although we believe that close relationships with our service providers are beneficial to the business, we are also demanding and challenging in terms of service and performance levels, which are constantly monitored. Our independence ensures that changes to providers are made when necessary. Ultimately, we strive to be innovative and dynamic, but always within the constraints of the highly disciplined environment in which we operate.

5. Client Service Excellence

Futurity is committed to providing each client with the highest level of personal service and investment administration. Our recruitment policy is based not only on normal criteria (such as skills, experience and qualifications), but also on the individual’s compatibility with Futurity’s culture of attention to detail and the generally demanding needs of our client base. Our competent support team understands the importance of meeting client expectations, reinforced by a remuneration model that recognises client compliments. Client queries, work flow control, document management and investment reporting are all supported by proprietary or licensed business information systems.

6. Legal and Compliance

We adhere to all areas of compliance within regulatory frameworks. Internal monthly compliance meetings are held which include updates on regulatory changes as well as random audits of client files. Particular attention is paid to adherence to client briefings as stipulated in our mandates, records of advice, transparency of fees and the electronic storage of client documentation.

7. Client Contact Based on Individual Requirements

The frequency and method of client communication is determined on a case-by-case basis. Circumstances and requirements vary from weekly calls to regular meetings set at pre-determined intervals, or on an "in-need" basis. At the very minimum, all clients receive a Quarterly Valuation of their investments under Futurity’s management.

8. Regular and Meaningful Investment Reporting

Futurity’s Quarterly Performance Reports include details of performances and transactions during the periods under review, as well as the provision of underlying Fund Fact Sheets. For clients requiring more detailed portfolio analysis, asset allocation weightings at both individual fund level and overall portfolio level are provided on a "look-through" basis. We recognise the complex financial structures which often pertain to high net worth individuals, and are therefore willing to accommodate any reasonable reporting request to enable such clients to analyse their portfolios, notwithstanding that certain investments may reside outside our management.

9. Client Access to Fund Managers

Futurity at times host informal Investment Presentations or is invited along with its clients to interact with their fund managers on a personal basis. Our "technically inclined" clients find such presentations to be extremely beneficial, as they gain insight into the management of their portfolios as well as direct, meaningful exposure to the managers of multi-billion portfolios, who would not generally be directly accessible to retail clients. Our fund managers are also available to present to larger groupings of clients on a more formal basis at our client functions.


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