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Futurity Wealth Management prides itself on being totally independent, managing and constructing its clients’ portfolios with no bias towards any Investment Management Companies, whether it be locally or internationally, using a dedicated team of External Advisors whom have no direct or indirect control or associated relationship with ourselves, using extensive use of qualitative and quantitative input, sourced from leading research houses, economists and other industry specialists.

Key Service Differentiators:

• We design our clients’ portfolios in a risk adjusted manner specifically suited to each Investors needs and profile.

• Our solutions include listed unit trusts, local and international equities and mutual funds with independently selected underlying fund managers, specifically designed to meet the requirements of our clients.

• We focus on capital preservation and target inflation adjusted returns, taking each investors’ specific risk appetite into consideration.

• Through investor education and understanding, we advocate the philosophy of managing risk as opposed to avoiding risk, and through effective risk management and portfolio construction, investment returns are managed against predetermined and agreed benchmarks set for each investor.

• Whilst never focussing on differentiating our investment proposition on costs associated with the management of our investor specific portfolios, we place significant emphasis on ensuring that the Total Expense Ratios (TER) are commensurate with the solutions provided and are competitive. Given our size and influence amongst the various product, administration and solution providers, all our clients benefit from institutional pricing and as such, derive enhanced returns as a result.

• Each investor’s portfolios are reviewed quarterly and visited personally, either quarterly, biannually or annually.

Futurity has a dedicated team of administrators that pay attention to the specific needs of each investor and ensure that each clients’ needs and requirements are met and takes pride in differentiating itself on service excellence.


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