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Our investment process


Futurity’s investment process has been carefully enhanced over many years. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the process is rigorously managed, but that it remains sufficiently flexible to meet individual client needs.

The process begins with an assessment of a client’s requirements, which thereafter culminates in a number of solutions being explored and proposed and finally resulting in an option best suited and agreed to by the client.

For retail investors, the investment portfolios and solutions designed and managed by PortfolioMetrix, Miton Optimal and Momentum Outcome would include:

• A determination and review of the number of investment portfolios deemed appropriate to adequately address the investment needs of our clients.

• The formulation of detailed composite investment portfolio design documents that deal with the quantitative aspects of each portfolio.

• A portfolio risk and return monitoring process.

• A performance attribution program.

• Analysis of a comprehensive database of manager and fund returns.

• Maintaining an extensive qualitative database of documented information on the current (and possible future) managers.

• A manager due diligence program.

• Ensuring that all aspects of the investment process comply with the FAIS Act and other relevant legislation.

For institutional, corporate or medical aid funds, the above would also be undertaken, but Futurity would in most cases, facilitate direct engagements with the respective asset management companies or multi-managers concerned. Adherence to a rigorous investment process has resulted in Futurity’s clients having consistently experienced optimum returns accompanied by reduced volatility over the long term, when compared against each investment’s respective benchmark.


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